Saturday, May 9, 2015

Summer Mug

Snag this great design from dare to be me
Summer MugSummer Mug
Summer Mug
$18.95 USD

Summer is a earth loving peace promoting sweet as pie hippie. She is almost always barefoot, in tattered jeans and carrying her guitar. Clearly she was born in the wrong generation, as she smiles sweetly while strumming on her guitar. She promotes peace and love everywhere she goes. If you are looking for summer you may want to try at the local shelter helping animals, or on the beach cleaning up the waste left behind by others. If she is not there, check the local city hall where she may be sitting or marching, outside with he picket signs protesting to raise awareness for a cause she really believes in. She is smart and sweet and will do anything to help anyone as long as they are being helpful to the planet. Dare to be me shop is all about expressing yourself and your inner "me" who is ...more

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