Thursday, January 31, 2013

NYC skyline Coffee Mug from

NYC skyline Coffee Mug from NYC skyline
Beautiful Photograph taken by Amy Marie. Copyright Amy Marie

IXXI Remember 9-11 Mugs from

IXXI Remember 9-11 Mugs from

IXXI Remember 9-11 Mugs
IXXI Remember 9-11 Mugs by 09_11_01
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IXXI Remember 9-11
IX XI is 9 11 in Roman Numerals. This great design represents those who were lost that day and since that day to 9-11 related injuries and illnesses. Each group is represented individually with a Broom, Police Officer Hat, Construction Helmet, Fire Helmet, Tie, Caduceus and Star of Life. This design was created to remember the tragic events of 9-11-01. Those who were lost, and those who were left behind to live with the aftermath. The remember everyone from the Police, Firefighters, Paramedics and Doctors who helped saved lives, as well as the construction workers who helped in the recovery efforts, and of course the office staff and janitorial workers even who lost their lives on that fateful day. Almost 10 years have passed since 9-11-01 but we can never forget. The death toll continues to rise as the workers who were there so quickly and valiantly risking their lives to save others, are now losing their lives to medical issues relating to their exposure at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. No one life is more precious than another, whether we lost then that day or today, they will be remembered here.

Classic White Mug

Your favorite photo or funniest saying is a great way to start the day. Use our white mug to showcase your creativity. It has a large handle that’s easy to hold and comes in 11oz and 15oz sizes. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Makes a great gift!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alien Afraid of the Dark Coffee Mugs from

Alien Afraid of the Dark Coffee Mugs from Alien Afraid of the Dark
This alien is creeping around in the dark with his flashlight because he is afraid of the dark.. If you love aliens, martians or extra terrestrials then you will love this! This Alien is one of a kind and unique and wants to go home with you today! perfect as a gift for someone special or just to buy for yourself!